Remember the time

1:51 AM

So today went to Chapel st to catch up with a good friend of mine. After a quick lunch and updating  each other on what we got up to in the last 6 months we went to hit the streets for some shopping.Usually we always buy heaps of stuff but today was fail. I am currently looking for an Egyptian dress to wear to one of my Best friends Michael Jackson themed 21st.I am thinking of going as that queen from the 'Remember the time' video
So far no luck. The closest thing I've found was a dress from Sass & Bide but yeh cant afford it.Anyone have 800 dollars laying around that they don't need? i don't remember the exact name of the dress and their website isn't working but here are similar examples of what i want it to look like.

Also found this photo of actress January Jones (no idea who she is ) in a black and gold dress from the sag awards and a picture of Anne Hathaway dressed as Cleopatra at a Halloween party
And here are some pictures from the movie Cleopatra played by Elizabeth Taylor.

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