Miss Australia 2010 fashion fail

1:19 AM

I was reading the paper the other day and was shocked to see what i found. Above me is the outfit Miss Universe Australia is going to wear to the 2010 Miss Universe pagent. yes shes going to wear that disgusting outfir which includes a sheepskin vest, a brown aboriginal printed bathing suit,rainbow colored ruffle skirt and to finish off  heeled ugg boots....ummm yeh because that's all Australians wear.there is nothing traditional about her ensemble. i know we don't really have a traditional costume since we are diverse country but im sure people could come up with something better.
Dont get me wrong the contestant is pretty, has an amazing body but that outfit has waay too much going on. She might as well  be wearing those cork hats and carry a VB in her hand. Its embarrassing that with all the amazing Australian designers we have...thats what we're going to show the world

[image via dailytelegraph]

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