Gossip Girl : season 4

2:19 AM

As GO  just started showing episodes of season 3 for all the slow watchers, the rest of us GG fantics are waiting impateintly for the newest episodes of season 4 to be showed in the US so we can watch them online asap.

*dont read below if you havn't watched all of season 3 yet*

In season 3 we were left with lil J leaving as she lost her v plates, S & B leaving for paris, Dan becoming a baby daddy and  the most horrific (yes more so then Jenny sleeping with him) Chuck getting shot. As per usual we fall in love with their outfits. i won't give away anything in season 4  but lets just say georgina is getting plain n boring n needs to leave the show for good.
here are my favorite outfits so far  from season 4

episode 2 - Double identity
Blair wears - Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010 Vermillion Silk Organza Pleated Gown.
Serena wears - Emilio Pucci Spring 2010 Metallic Jacket , Joie Saunders Metallic Stripe Tank  and
Tibi Spring 2010 Blue Pants 

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