Sth Melbourne Night Market

5:01 PM

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  1. Man I need to cheek these markets out! I always though they were
    mainly fruit and veg stalls! I'm totally in love with that "I'd go to zone two for you' !! Was it A tote bag? Ps-Lolita your blog!! Xx R.

  2. Woops that was meant to say love your blog! Haha auto correct!

  3. Hey R
    theres heaps of fashion/accessories markets in melbourne. check out a site called the market roll they have events that are happening everyweek. i think it was a tea towel but im pretty sure it comes in a tote bag too. aww thanks just about to check out your page. if you have a fb page/twitter link me. i would love to follow on on there xx

  4. Would love to go to that market.. sadly i´m too far away! Are those rings on the eight picture?


  5. Hey C. where are you from? yes they are rings made out of spoons. i went to this other night market couple of weeks ago they had a much wide range of those rings. im going there 2mw so will def take some pics to show you :)