Birthday Cake

10:52 AM

We all know the controversy that is surrounding Miss Rihanna and her decision to do collaborate with her ex Chris Brown. Chris was featured on Rihannas songs Birthday Cake which they released on her birthday via twitter. Then Rihanna returned the favor and did a verse on Chris Browns new single "Turn up the music". i love both songs and this makes Rihanna is the bigger person by forgiving and showing the world she is over this whole abuse situation which happened three years ago. needless to say whether she likes it or not shes a role model for tons of girls out there and reconnecting with an abuse partner (verbal/physical) is never a good thing. but i guess people make mistakes and its time to forgive and move on but never forget. Remember  just like Ri Ris tat says "always a lesson never a failure"

Ahh now that my rant is done i just wanted to say i fell in love with all the outfits she wore during her birthday weekend in London. i was on tumblr, google images for hours trying to find them all so i could share them with you. Im loving her casual grungy rock street style look And those heel-less heels - Giuseppe Zanotti Heel Less Platform d’Orsay Pumps: Happy Birthday Rihanna.

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