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Have you ever found yourself finding something amazing on Google,Tumblr or even a random picture someone has put up on Facebook and thought i wish i knew where to get that. Look no further. Your problems will soon be solved. An amazing team has put together a website called ID This Item where people can post pics of stuff you've found on the interwebs and also lets you comment to help others find their fashion needs. I love how the website is based from Melbourne too, love supporting local fashion talent. I recently got into touch with Scott, One half of the company's site to give you all an insight to what ID This Item is all about 
What is ID this Item? 

Scott - ID This Item is a site that lets you find where to buy the fashion items you see around the net, such as on Tumblr and Pinterest.
How does it work? 

S - You just upload the picture of the item you want to be found, and another user who knows where it is will find it for you! So the more people on the site, the better the answers :) We aim to make it as fun as possible for our users to find items through points and (very soon) rewards
What are the features of the site?

S - The requests page has all the fashion items people around the world want to buy (but can’t find … yet). The leaderboard shows who the best finders are. You also have your own personal page with your requests and answers.
What made you start this site? 

S - I was inspired by my girlfriend :) She is a Tumblr addict and always complains about not knowing where to buy the things she sees on Tumblr. There are forums out there that kind of helps her, but they aren’t always great. So one day, I had the idea of making a site that crowd sources the answer!
Can anyone join the site? 
S - Absolutely!
What are your thoughts of social media apps such as pinterest, tumblr and instagram? what role does ID this item play in relation to them? 

S - Tumblr is a great way for people to express individuality and makes blogging more social. Pinterest feels a bit over hyped and more about passive consumption. Instagram requires more thought about the content you put out as you’re actively taking the pictures. On all of these apps, we’ve found that people hate it when they don’t know where to buy the items they see.
What does fashion mean to you? 

S - I’m really interested in how ideas in fashion are inspired by everything around it. Art, music, films and fashion are deeply interconnected. They constantly evolve and influence each other. Fashion is not standalone, it’s part of a bigger picture. Finally, it is a way of expressing our identity, differentiating ourselves and telling the world who we are without saying anything at all.

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