Nuffnang Fashionolpolis 2012- Fashion Blogger Conference

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Last Month I was fortunate enough to go to the first Australian Fashion Bloggers conference. I had been tweeting with fellow Melbourne blogger Wendy from Little Jimmys Girl about the event for weeks and we organized to meet up before hand so we weren’t going there by ourselves.
After a quick morning coffee we made our way down to the 1000 pound bend. We had to enter the venue from the back and were challenged by the cobblestone path which made walking in heels very difficult.

After getting our name tags we went in and looked for a place to sit. The place was full of fashionistas I had no idea we had so many fashion bloggers in Melbourne.We managed to get seats in the second row and had all these goodies and freebies.

 Lady Melbourne (one of the biggest bloggers in Aus) had these little booklets made for us which contained a list of all the sponsors, guest speakers and their twitter handles as there was a live twitter feed being broadcasted at the event on two large screens and also key notes on the topics she was going to talk about. She also spoke about how original images are key to standing out from other blogs and that the culture of our blogs is very important to define early on. And yes she reported from a bed, afterall thats where most blogging is done !

It was good hearing all her advice even with things I knew about it was nice to know I was on the right path. Building my blog as a brand was one of the points she noted and it is something i am currently working on.
After eating yummy baguettes that were served during the break the networking began. It was amazing to meet fellow Melbourne Fashionistas who love fashion as much as I do.

Camille from
@missliljac , @camillerin , @_edlt- (ME) & @v_maeee

After the break a live fashion show called fashion torque was on live. A lot of good questions were asked to the panel which made me question myself something very important. Looking around the room i could see bloggers of all shapes and sizes from all different nationalities. This was real Australian fashion was. Its sad to say from everything from Australian Fashion to TV shows our wonderful diversity is not embraced to the world.

Sarah Gale said something during the show which caught my attention "if you're really good at what you do, you'll shine !". Up and until now i have been doing all this for fun on the side on top of all the other things im doing but i have achieved more then i thought i could in this little space of time. I wonder what it would be like if i put 100% into it :)

After the second break we were brought to the last panel which was how to make money off blogging through certain companies whos primary clients are bloggers. I met with Mary from Reward style the day before the event. She is from Texas and works for Reward Style. After a few emails back and forth we met up on chapel st for coffee and to talk about blogging. She gets to travel all around the world gets to meet bloggers and get a feel for the fashion market in each of these counties so her company can help fashion bloggers monetize. She mentioned how Australias so far behind in fashion blogging  and how its so big in the US and Europe but at the same time she said i was lucky to be apart in the primary stages of it getting popular.It was so nice to see her again at Fashionopolis, we were twins with our bright blazers and prints.

Thank you to all the guests who spoke Phoebe Montague, Patty Huntington, Sarah Gale, Jenny Bannister, Philip Boon, Kyra Pybus, Amber Venz & David Krupp. And to all the sponsors - Nuffnang, Sunglass Hut, Reward Style, Fashion Torque, Steve Madden, 1000 pound Bend for hosting the event and Domain flowers for making the place look pretty. Without you all this event wouldn't of been possible. I hope there is another one soon. 

Shoutouts to the amazing Bloggers i got to meet :
(will link websites soon but for now follow them on twiiter) 


I know there's more of you soon as i find your names will put you on the list xx

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