Love Siera Shoes : Meet My New Heels

2:54 AM

The lovely people from Love Siera Shoes recently  were kind enough to send me these wonderful pair of heels in the mail s a gift and i have fallen in love :) My shoe collection is mainly full of lots of black and neutrals so i am so happy that now i have something bright and colorful to mix my wardrobe up with. 
I didn't want to open the box when i got in the mail. The packaging was so cute and had so much detail and they even gave me free pair of socks !
With neons becoming a trend again this spring i can't wait to rock these out as the weather gets warmer. I put them to the test as far as comfort goes as i was so sure my feet were going to be dead after being in them in hours. Turns our after a night out dancing away, my feet were surprisingly fine which means i will pretty much live in them for the next few months. i am planning to do a shoot with them soon too so keep an eye out
Check out site here for more amazing shoes x

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