4:12 PM

I love seeing Hip Hop artists who produce good music and dress perfect.
 My favorites are Kanye, Pharell & Swiss Beatz who never seem to disappoint me on the red carpet events.So when i saw A$AP Rocky looking pretty suave at a BET red carpet i thought i best check him out. For those who aren't into rap he is also in Lana Del Ray's video clip for 'National Anthem' and is one of the faces of Alexander Wangs Menswear line

After watching his video clip for 'Goldie' i fell in love with the SSUR Comme Des Fuckdown beanie he was wearing and had to get my own one. Must admit didn't expect to get so many looks especially from old people on the train...makes me feel a little bad ass though so 'comme des fuckdown'

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  1. U are so funny on these photos !!!