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If you haven't heard of this fashion blog yet, you are truly missing out. Meet Dasha from The Trend Spotter. You will see this fine lady at all the VIP events, strutting her ever so versatile style (see pictures below) and being snapped away by her other half. Talk about living the perfect blogger life. I remember seeing Dasha for the first time at the Fashionopolis and was just stunned by her modelesque features. Later on down the track I met her at a Blogger Brunch hosted by the ever so lovely Anastasia of Stasia Fox. We kept bumping into her at events and I wanted to find out a little bit more about her. Doing my Fashionista Fridays series is an amazing way for not just my readers but for me as well, to get to know our lovely bloggers from Melbourne. So here is a little an insight to what the Trend Spotter is all about.

Everyday Like This: What made you start a blog?
Dasha : I have been immersed in the fashion industry as a model, stylist, artist and footwear graphic designer. After years of travelling the world and coming across the most inspiring people, I decided to bring all my experiences and passions together and share them with the world. I opened my first blog seven years ago which I had to close down due to old blogging platform limitations. A year later I launched TheTrendSpotter - my personal on-line magazine. It is a reflection of my lifestyle, love for fashion, art, unique and beautiful creations. I search for emerging designers, brands, businesses, talents, editorials, runways and write about things and people that inspire me. My husband Colin Gold and brother Denis Komyza are supporting me in this journey. Colin applied his amazing technical skills and experience to re-design our blog and is currently photographing all the style posts and VIP events and launches. Denis is a social and product photographer and he photographs some of the festivals and exclusive events for TheTrendSpotter.

EDLT: What are the kind of posts we can find on your blog?
D: You can find editorial inspirations, personal style posts, interviews, emerging trends and original photos of Melbourne events, VIP launches, store openings, parties and festivals. We have also got the latest fashion week videos from Australia and around the world. The side tab on our blog showcases my latest Instagram photos through which I reveal the artists, photographers, sceneries and amazing new discoveries.

EDLT: Where do you get inspiration for posts?
D: Nothing makes me happier than making a remarkable new discovery every day. I search for inspiration in things and people that surround me, in history and cultures, in interests and professions, people's passions and creations. Every one of my readers, followers, friends, and people I am yet to meet are inspirations for the posts.

EDLT : Does living in Melbourne influence your style?
D: I have travelled across the globe to identify the unique Melbourne style, and to fall in love with this city that I now call home. After spending the majority of my life living in Russia, Europe and Singapore, I moved to Melbourne. It is a truly unique city with an artistic blend of styles and cultures where all of us are free to express our personalities in our very own unique ways. I love hunting down the unusual one-off vintage pieces, samples, market finds and handmade goods. Melbourne's relaxed culture, coffee obsession, hidden gems, art events and international festivals shape the style of the city.

EDLT: Favorite place in Melbourne?
D: Melbourne is all about discovering new places. Just when I thought I have found my favourite place I discover more. It amazes me that no matter how long you live in this city, you are guaranteed to find another incredible place that you never heard about. So my favourite place would be the next one I am going to discover.

EDLT: Favorite places to shop?
D: I live on Chapel Street and work in Fitzroy - the two most amazing fashion suburbs in Melbourne are right on the palm of my hand. I also enjoy shopping in the city, at Camberwell markets and vintage shops. We use every opportunity to shop as much as we can when we go on holidays and I am slowly getting into online shopping.

EDLT: Describe your personal style?
D: My style is a reflection of my present and past experiences, the current mood and everything that surrounds me. I love to mix vintage treasures with new and modern, unique finds and everyday classics. I pay attention to the use of colour, textures and shapes as a feature of the outfit. I seem to have an obsession with collecting jewellery, handbags, belts, scarves and shoes. A perfect match of accessories makes an outfit complete.

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
D: Fashion is a reflection of who we are; it is in everything that surrounds us. It is a lifestyle we choose 
to live mixed with the culture and experiences we grew up with. It is through fashion that I share

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  1. I love your whiite Cape blazer where did you buy it from??

  2. I love your whiite Cape blazer where did you buy it from??