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A few months ago The lovely people at Love, Siera were kind enough to send me a pair of amazing heels from their label.They were so sweet that they wanted to hand deliver the shoes to me and meet me in person. i love when a label goes that extra step. Not knowing we were both situated in different states we organized a date and time we were both free. You could imagine the laughs we had when we figured it out haha. I got a parcel the next day . a cute box with free socks and the amazing heels (post here) I still managed to get an interview with them. Be sure to check out their website and give them some love on facebook !!
Everyday Like This : Who is Love,Siera? tell us a little about the brand?
Siera : We, women have always had a need to shop for comfy shoes and want to look for pretty shoes, even if you need to starve.  Maybe it’s partly because some say shoes are like boys, we wish to have more and more – until you could possibly find the better one. 
Some shoes are very comfortable to wear – they are so soft and don’t hurt our feet unlike the other pairs of shoes which are harsh and rough. Just like those damn boys.
Some boys always put a big smile on our face and never burst into tears while some would just rip out our heart and torn into pieces, and constantly play with our feelings like they have nothing better to do. *cough cough*
Unfortunately, whatever type of man, whatever kind of shoes, it’s our choice, our decision. In the end, it is us, girls, who will pay the price. *wiping tears* 
Love Siera will never let you down or cry-in-river like how your ex-boyfriend did. You don’t have to worry about whom you will give your heart to, or which pair of shoes you wish for. Every woman deserve many pair of fabulous shoes and Love Siera is here for you :) 
EDLT : What made you start this label?
S: Simple matters. Every girl deserves as many pairs of fabulous shoes as she wants without having to pay an arm and leg for it. Love, Siera is fashioned for every woman offering a great range of beautiful shoes with a lovely price and an adorable quality as a plus, inspired by the runways of New York, Paris, London and Milan.  

EDLT: Where can we buy Love Siera Shoes?
S: Online store:

EDLT : What influences your designs/style? 
S: From Everything -Everyone -Everywhere.

EDLT: Describe your personal style?
S: I just wear what I want to and what makes me happy. Sometimes I wear the sporty/casual look, sometimes pretty, sometimes classy, sometimes business - all depends on my mood and the occasion. I think its good to not have a style sometimes, it makes you different. x

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
S: Music is my life and, fashion and music are the same to me. I think both fashion and music are types of expression, tell other people how you feel. For example, if you're feeling lazy, you'd just put on some university sweats but if you feel more feminine, you'd put on a pretty pink skirt. When you're in good mood, you'd listen to happy songs but when you're feeling down, you'd listen to slow jams. 
As well, fashion means to me as how one wants to present themselves to be like or how one wants others to think of them. People look at how you are dressed and get a feel of who you are. People may not agree with how you're dressed, but as long as you feel confident and feel true to yourself, they shouldn't matter. Trends are out there, but you create your OWN sense of fashion and trends. Look at Lady Gaga. Do you think she cares what people think regarding her fashion? Nope. 

Here are some of my favorites from their collection !

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