Seven Autumn Leaves Jewellery

3:22 AM

Recently took part of my dear friend Sevan from Seven Autumn Leaves styling challenge. Shes getting bloggers all over Melbourne styling her pieces in shoots so keep checking her page for who she will feature next. The pieces in her collection are all handmade/ laser cut in Melbourne and are made of  plywood and perspex.Theres a few statement pieces in the collection and so i wanted to keep my outfit plain so the necklace would stand out. I decided to go with an all black outfit. But of course i picked pieces with unique cuts,prints and fabric so the outfit didn't look dull.

We decided to do the shoot done Hosier Lane in Melbourne. The bright graffiti walls of the alleyway  contrasted my all black ensemble perfectly.

Had so much fun shooting with Sevan and Anatasia from Stasia Fox who had her shoot before mine.
After a long days shoot we all decided to feast up at Touche Hombre. Let me tell you the food couldn't come out any slower. and soon as it,we demolished it. 
Didn't even get to instagram the food...blogger problems? hahaha
 Big thank you to Sevan for getting me on board on this project.

Seven Autumn Leaves "Crown Jewel " necklace. 

Think i did it justice? How would you wear it?


Check out my feature on Sevans blog 

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