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 Long road trips, lazy pool days and rooftop bar sessions go hand in hand with a good story. Shared between friends, or strangers, there's nothing more exciting than an unpredictable tale.  Sportsgirl's latest campaign,  Tell Me A Story, heralds this theme. To celebrate I have opened the pages of my own story. Oh do read on…

Tell us a story about yourself.
When i was  kinder i wanted to become a ballerina. Not so much the dancing part but the the sheer through of dressing up in a beautiful tutu just got me excited. I remember always wearing one everywhere i would go...a red one not pink though as i wanted to to stand out and be a bit different.
Looking back now it seems little has changed. My love for beautiful garments and dressing different is still a huge part of my life and is one of the reasons Everyday Like This started 

Favorite fashion memory?
i have too many but top 2 for this year would be :
Getting to dress Samantha Harris Backstage at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival this year. She has to be one of the sweetest girls ever and made me laugh so much. We even had this inside joke about how i was her long lost twin.
Also being asked to help the ever so talented Aurelio Costarella this year at MBFWA in Sydney. Working with him and his team was amazing.We shared many laughs and drinks before the show. And it was crazy to see all the garments up so close after being an admire of his designs for so long. Made me really appreciated his work. They even let me go sit watch the show after fittings and rehearsals. When the music started and the first model started to walk i knew i in that exact moment it was where i wanted to be and that fashion is definetly in the cards when it comes to my future.

Earliest or most favourite memory of Sportsgirl.
My local shopping centre (Westfield Southland) has all the womens stores all one the one level. So when you walk pass you can see that most shop fronts had the same colours/trends/styles but Sportsgirl always stood out. They've been fashion forward since i could remember. I was soo thrilled when they opened the flagship store on Bourke St and Chadstone. The layout is always different and i always end up walking out with something new and trendy. Thank you for Bringing Whitney Port down this year it was amazing to see her up and close
My Christmas wishlist this year you ask?
For my mum to come home. Shes been overseas back and forth for nearly 5 months now. Miss her millions

i got tagged by Alice from Catwalk of Words
(Check out the interview i did on her if you want to know more about this fashionista)

Now its my turn to tag :

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