Fashion Movie Fix : The September Issue

10:06 PM

This week i decided to watch The September Issue again. I was so intrigued with Grace Coddington after watching the documentary i had to buy her memoir 'Grace' for my first proper international trip. 

So in in the fashion World September is known as the January. Where it all starts, the beginning. Thats why it is always the biggest issue. Anna Wintour who i have admired for years is Vogues Editor in Chief lets us all into the world of fashion and all the mayhem that comes with it. We get to see how shoots are planned, meetings with designers, flying off to Paris for a shoot and what its like to be front row at the couture show. But i think it was really Grace who stole the show. Her and Anna both talented in their fields, always end up having disagreements which is always fun for the camera.
Grace was a model for British Vogue when she was younger then started working at American Vogue same day as Anna. I love the way she puts so much detail into each shoot like theres a story behind it. I know before i started doing random photos for lookbooks my shoots always had unlying stories and themes. Its very inspiring to see how they put all the looks together...if only i had their wardrobe collection at the Vogue offices. 

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