Samantha Harris Jessica Gomes & Shanina Shaik changing the face of Australian Modelling

1:32 AM

I know this is an old cover but soon as i saw it i knew it was going to become one of my favorites of 2013. I've been following the careers of all these three beauties, even have had the amazing opportunity to work with one (Samanthna Harris at Fashion week in Melbourne). 
I don't know if many people realize this as we might think its the normoral because its always been like this but Australian media - radio, tv or print seems to be well very white. And anytime any ethnicity is brought up theres drama (killing of ethnic character in home and away as viewers didn't like the interracial relationship). 
I remember like any teen i was obsessed with Girlfriend magazine and would always flip to the page of image of the covergirl and  read what make up and shades she was wearing. They brought out an issue with Beyonce on the front it even came in this cool holographic cover but soon as i turned to the page to see what what shades they used so i could some what get an idea of what would look good on me...there was nothing. It simply stated types of make up and no shade. That was odd i thought. Why did they put shades and colours of every other issue i bought but stopped with Beyonce? Was it because she was a women of colour? Are we not good enough to be given make up tips? 
Its crazy how media can impact young minds. I was shattered to have experienced that.
. Im pretty sure i stopped buying the mag that day too. But I guess it was a blessing in disguise as one of the reasons my blog was born was because i could never relate to any public figures in Aussie media. Being a first generation born ethic in Australia i knew there must be more like me that could probably relate.
I know racial things like this will always sadly be present. I'm sure we have all copped it in school (try going to an all Aussie high school fml) Despite living in such a diverse country i feel like we don't embrace it at times but seeing stuff like this gives me hope for the future. These 3 are killing it and are paving the way for the next generation of ethnics in more then just the fashion industry.

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