Event : Kanye West Yeezus Projection Melbourne

2:42 PM

As news breaks out that Kim Kardashian has given birth to baby Kimye what better way to celebrate the anticipation of Kanye West's New album Yeezus. Yeezy has been projecting visuals and music from his new album across citys across the globe. Melbourne was very lucky to be one of the citys to have this historical event. There was two projections one at 8:30 at Docklands and another one at 10:30 Corner of Queen and Franklin streets. As you can see from the photos below there was crowds waiting  around trying to figure out where the projection would take place. We ended up realising we were all standing in the wrong spot from a fellow fan and followed her to the other side of Franklin street where Yeezys visuals were projected onto a wall of an apartment. Although the album has been leaked it was amazing to see the people and vibe of how everyone came together for such a unique album event.

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