Club YoYo : Fashion Killer

5:19 PM

Name: Matthew

Area Code: 3174 Noble Park North

Wearing: Blazer - Mint (Philippines), Shirt - RDX, Jeans - Fat, Shoes – Hype & borrowed the bow tie off a friend.

Where Do You Shop:  anywhere and everywhere

Favourite Thing About Melbourne: the actual city itself and the multiculturalism

Last Track in your car/iPod : 2pac - Life Goes On

How'd you find out about Yoyo: Through my friends Sebby and warren

Wish They Played More: 2pac, Eminem, Biggie

Yo Drink of Choice: - Asahi, Vanilla Vodka & Lemonade, Scotch & Coke

Tits or Ass: Both, but if i had to choose, ass

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