Everyday Like This : Toronto

7:15 AM

Hey Hey Beautiful People

Hope all is well in Sunny Melbourne.
 As some of you know i have flown down to Toronto this month for my cousins wedding. 
The time difference here is total opposite so i have been so jet lagged so excuse my lack of posts. 
I also lost my SD card with all my outfit shoots which i did in Melbourne so soon as wedding stuff is over will be Doing some new shoots for you all in the streets of Tdot as they call it here. 

I went to the city the other day (or downtown which what they call CBD) and went to their Malls and all these cute little stores.
 Queen St is by far my favourite place. I love the people fashion and the vibe there. Already started documenting the street style and will pop into a few stores to let you guys in on how they do fashion. 

So expect some post delays (Apologizes in advance) but make sure you are following me on Instagram for all the latest and sneak peak on my trip in Canada

Heres some pics so far from Insta to catch up :)


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