New Era Australia : OFF FIELD with HARRY O'BRIEN

2:09 AM

As a kid growing up i never looked forward to footy day. Yeah you got to dress up and eat meat pies but I always thought that because most players were white and  so were most of the kids who picked on me, that it was something i wasn't allowed to be apart of because i never fitted in. But after seeing this video i'm glad that kids growing up now have a voice and someone they can identify with.

Its good to see a street wear label New Era &  AFL player Harry O'Brien coming together and creating awareness for an issue that always gets ignored. Australia is a great land of opportunity thats why many people from across the world come here. That being said no kid deserves to be bullied and to cope racism just because they look different. Like Harry said things that can scar you as a kid. I agree that sometimes its by ignorance so getting a voice out there is so important and i am thankful that theyre are players out there who do stand up to the hate.

Check out the videos below.
 I love the wear fashion can create awareness for important issues for our country. 

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