Concert : Rihanna Diamonds World Tour - Melbourne Concert 2013

12:30 PM

So i am currently in Toronto and trying to fix my sleeping pattern which you would think would be fixed since my Melbourne sleeping pattern is noctoral and everything on this side of the planet is oppisite.

Anyway i thought i would try find some amazing pictures of the Rihanna concert in Melbourne which i went to the day before my Flight to Canada. Rihanna put on an amazing performance on Melbourne on the 1st of October and had 6 amazing outfit changes. I know i put up the Givenchy costume up a while ago when she first started the Diamonds World Tour.

I know i shouldn't be surprised but every media from Radio, music sites and newspapers only have photos from the first outfit  as if they took a few snaps and left. And the reviewers complain about her sexual dance moves and how late she was in the other concerts.
So i thought it wouldn't be right to tell it how it really was from a Fashion and Fan point of view.

From the start i knew Rihanna wasn't the strongest performer live. As her music grew so did her style and we saw with every album there was a new hair do. I remember seeing live performances and seeing her grow into the artist she is today. Social media gave Rihanna a real big heads up in the game as we saw the way she interacted with her fans on twitter and gave us all a glimpse into her life through pics on Instagram. And yes her style i think i've posted about her multiple amount of times. She always wears whatever she wants and it works for her. So when tickets came out this time round for the 'badgal' I knew i had to see her in the flesh.

Needless to say i was so impressed with her concert. I loved the way the stage was set up and changed a few times through out the night. Her dancers were wearing some amazing gear too.I couldn't keep my eyes off them. My favourite were the HBA ensemble they all rocked. And that moment when she walked out in that Givenchy gear BOOM you knew you were in for a hell of a night.

More photos on Scope Cube

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