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So according to Australia Traveller's Magazine Melbourne got voted best city today. No surprise there i'm so proud of my city and all of rich culture we have which sets us apart from other states. And of course fashion is one of the many things that sets us Melbourniuns stand out. Meet Fame Agenda. I love their bright colours and bold prints they use in their pieces. They have some pretty unique pieces which i have being adding to my Christmas wish list. Fame Agenda will be apart of Mapping Melbourne, A four day program of independent contemporary Asian art events.  The pieces in the show will be a collaboration with one of Asia Pacific's most prolific street artist Darbotz. Models will strut down the steps of the State Library wearing the prints developed from photo images Darbotz left on Melbourne's walls during his last trip here in April. I'm a huge fan of Melbourne graffiti and have done sso many shoots with it on the blog so I can't wait to see what these two talents have come up with tomorrow. Keep an eye out for the giant pink box at the steps at the State Library. I was also lucky enough to get an Interview with Fame Agenda's Monica Lim to get a glimpse of the brand and how the event all came together.

Who is Fame Agenda? Tell us a little about the brand and what made you start it?
I wanted to create a label that wasn't afraid to be a little bit different and challenging, without the hefty price tag that usually comes along with it. Even in Australia, where there is so much design talent, I found that there was big hole in the market for clothes that pushed "commercial" design boundaries but yet wasn't going to break the bank.
Where can we buy Fame Agenda ?
You can visit our Melbourne store at Shop 4, 237 Flinders Lane (Scott Alley). Our design studio is just below the shop, in the basement, bursting with samples and odd lots of fabric. Or, we also have an online store at
Tell us how you came up with designs & how this collaboration with Graffiti Artist Darbotz came about?
I met Darbotz in March this year when he came to Melbourne for his solo exhibition at MiFA Gallery. The gallery owner, Bryan Collie, introduced us. I loved Darbotz's signature aesthetic immediately. Having always lived in the city, I totally understood this love yet angst for the city, the city as a creature. Although Darbotz is very well-known in Indonesia, he also flies a little under the radar, being an underground street artist. I really like that guerrilla sort of approach. It's also something that Jill Morgan, CEO of Multicultural Arts Victoria, appreciated as she is passionate about showing the dynamism of contemporary culture. Multicultural Arts Victoria provided us the platform for the collaboration.
Darbotz is a really quiet person, I suppose a lot of artists are like that, especially from Indonesia. They like to contemplate. All the expression comes out through their work rather than their mouths. I believe it's Darbotz's first collaboration with a fashion label. It's certainly our first collaboration with an independent artist. For us both it's another way to explore our different mediums. A bit like cooking, combining different ingredients and seeing what flavours are created.
What influences your designs/style?
Fame Agenda's signature is in its quirky prints. I'm not interested in creating something that is just pretty and floral. For us our prints are where we start our collection. There's always a story behind each print, whether it be a personal experience, or a tribute to something that we love or a work that we admire. While not everyone who buys our clothes are aware of the story, nevertheless I hope that it brings a sense of something personal and artisanal into our designs. Fame Agenda is not trend-based, in the sense that we don't follow trend reports. However, working in this field naturally we absorb the spirit of what everyone else is doing and so in that way we are influenced in ways that we are not even aware of.
Describe your personal style?
Personally, I tend to dress very casually and simply at work. I am always running around so flat shoes are essential. I also work with so much visual stimulation that I am usually in a plain white tee.
However when I'm going out that's a different story! I'm quite adventurous. My husband often tells me to dress my age, I tell him I want to be one of those crazy grandmas when I get older. Crazy but elegant.
What does fashion mean to you?
It's a way for me to signify who I am to other people and how I'm feeling
that day. But sometimes fashion can change how I'm feeling too, rather

than just being a signifier. That's the power of fashion.

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