Outfit : Yellow School Bus

12:00 PM

So one of the things i was utterly obsessed with in my trip to Toronto (besides squirrels) was the yellow school buses i saw all over the city and suburbs. There would be mornings i wouldn't be able to sleep due to jet lag and would just stare out the window and watch the yellow buses go past hoping none of them would crash due to their weird give way system in intersections. They don't have round abouts so when cars are at an intersection its a first come first serve basis. Pretty scary considering they drive on the other side of the road too. The morning traffic in the suburban areas were chaotic due to all these factors. So on the way to see the CN Tower, Aquarium & Rogers Centre i couldn;t help myself when i saw a big yellow bus parked outside the attractions and had to get my tourist on and get a quick pic. 

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