Club YoYo : Street Style

7:19 PM

club yoyo melbourne fashion everyday like this

Name : Mariola Diaz

Area Code : 90028 - LA, California 

Wearing : A top most likely from a little random shop hidden in LA from memory, American Apparel Disco Pants in Charcoal & Adidas Mutombos.

Where do you shop : Depends on my mood could be anything from Zara, American Apparel, little shops on Melrose to Fairfax markets. Also online.

Favourite thing about Melbourne : My people, diversity and the genuineness of the people

Last Track in your car/iPod : Schoolboy Q - Man of the year

How'd you find out about Yoyo : Through all you friends of mine that work there and make it the dope space it is

Wish they played more : TDE, Older Jay Z, Common, and least occasionally some Lenny Kravitz

Yo Drink of Choice : G&T

Worst Pick up line you've heard : How often do you come here? PS - Guys, seriously stop asking girl if they come here often. Its 2014, I think its time we retired that.

If I had to go on a date a rapper it would be : Drake - so I can emotionally F him up and he can reveal my postcode to the world and make me famous and sh*t. But really it would be Jay Z in his next lifetime

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