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12:00 PM

With the launch of the Women's collection out in stores this Autumn I had the pleasure of interviewing the talented designer of the AW 14 Zoo York collection. 
Sabina gives us insight of what the collection is all about and from her influences, advice to future design hopefuls and even her style crush. 
Peep the interview below and keep an eye out for our outfit shoots we did featuring this brand which represents a strong name for its self in the street wear world.  

Who is Zoo York? Tell us a little about the brand and how you became apart of it? 
Zoo York was created way back in the early 90's by a trio of individuals that siphoned creative inspiration from New York City's rapidly evolving skateboarding, hip hop and graffiti scenes to produce variety of culturally relevant products that were dark and gritty like the city itself.
I joined the company around 2 years ago.

Where can we buy Zoo York ?
 You can find the gear at most major Surf/ Skate retailers, and skate stores - Australia wide.

Tell us how you came up with designing this collection?
20 years since Zoo York started way back when, we have reflected on these times to influence the Fall/ Winter 14 Collection. Despite the gritty times back in the early 90's part of that era also brings fond memories (for those of us that can remember) We decided to bring elements back to pay homage to the decade of Grunge fashion and Hip Hop with a bangin' sports overtone.

What influences your designs? Style? 
New York, Skating, Catwalks, Music, Art and our IT girl at ATM is Cara Delevingne, we love to follow her style.

Any Advice for anyone that wants to get into designing?
It's not just a day job, it can consume your life, if you love fashion, you are constantly 'working' - whether it's searching the net, shopping, reading mags, drawing, going to clubs, parties, shows… your brain NEVER switches off, you are always thinking of ideas for inspiration.It consumes you! So you gotta LOVE it!

Describe your personal style? 
I LOVE wearing black, denim and Sneakers.I'd say my look is metal/ heavy rock with a sports overtone.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion can be an extension of who you are, many peeps firstly judge you on your appearance,and that can suck when you are doing a run to woolies before close in ya trackies and no make up! Ekk! It's also whatever works for you, your body shape, it can make you feel a certain way, honestly what you wear can make or break your day. I'd say fashion is what you take and make from it; to make you happy.

photography by Michelle Grace Hunder

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