MBFWA : Lupe Fiasco for Song For The Mute

3:42 PM

So out of the blue I noticed my post i did on Lupe and Song for the Mute a few years ago was getting a lot of attention. By now you would know I love when my two favourite things in life (hip hop & fashion) come together. Missing out on MBFWA due to uni this year i was shattered to hear that Mr Fiasco himself was going to be walking for the Sydney based label. Loved how he made his catwalk debut at Australian Fashion Week. I love how Lupe is supporting one of our own brands and helping them showcase the world how to compete in the fashion world. Even comparing SFTM to Rick Owens. You can really tell an artist like this is always passionate about the people and collaborations they work with. Lets hope we see more from this Two.

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