Post US Blues

9:36 AM if you haven't been following me on social media you might of thought i disappeared from the blogesphere. Let me clear up on on a fews things. Last July i made a little trip to the US of A. Its probably been my favourite holiday by far. Travelled to 7 cities in 5 weeks and created endless memories. Still a little jet lagged at the moment and getting used to being back in the cold here in Melbourne. Currently going through my camera and the outfit posts that will soon follow.
Cannot wait to tell you all of all my adventures.

Here are the Highlights :
LA - Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal studio & Griffith Observatory and more
San Fran - Alcatraz & the architecture 
Vegas - What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
Miami - Hurricane season, Wynwood Walls & Versace mansion
Toronto - Drake, OVOfest, Kensington Market & more Drake
Jersey - 6 flags and the rollercoaster bigger than the statue of Liberity
New York - Times Square, Top of The rock, Carrie Bradshaw's steps...too many to name you'll just have to stay tuned :)

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