Accessories : Vision Direct - Marc By Marc Jacobs

5:33 PM

What is a new season of Summer without a new pair of sunnies? I was looking at my sunglasses collection the other day and thinking that i needed to invest in another pair of quality sunglasses. Half the time those cheap alternatives don't really protect you from the sun and if they're too dark its a hazard when driving. 
With my birthday is coming up this year I thought to myself I wouldn't mind getting something from Marc Jacobs and then Vision Direct came and my two wishes became a reality. 
With fast delivery I got my new babies within days. I love the white frames of these Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies. Having darker skin, I love that the white frames really pop out against by face and go with pretty much all my outfits. 
I also how they send you a free cleaning kit for your glasses too. Sometimes those lens can get to dirty especially if you're always on the go like me. 

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  1. Love Marc stuff the most. I am so in love with the glares. I bought similar ones online from Nordstrom.