Movie : Jean Paul Gaultier

9:00 AM

Want a free Fashion Fix? Look no further. The NVG have free Jean Paul Gaultier Documentaries airing throughout the summer. Check out the dates below and don't forget to check out his special exhibition. On friday nights they have special acts performing. 
December 12th Melbourne's own Remi will be performing. 

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• Wed 3 Dec & Sat 17 Jan, 3pm: Les falbalas de Jean Paul Gaultier (2004, 60 mins, unrated)
In this documentary, we get a back stage pass into the life of Jean Paul Gaultier, the former head fashion designer of the prestigious Hermes stores and one of the leading fashion designers in France. We see interviews with him commenting about his influences and his motivations to be a designer. We also get the privilege of seeing interviews with his family and certain extracts for never before seen family movies.

• Wed 10 Dec & Sat 24 Jan, 3pm: The Day Before: Jean Paul Gaultier (2009, 51 mins, unrated)
Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the leading designers in French fashion; formerly head of fashion at Hermes, this show is a back stage pass to one of the fashion shows. Even though he is completely disorganised, we see how his team reacts, what they think of him and also how, together, they put on some of the best fashion shows.

• Wed 17 Dec & Sat 31 Jan, 3pm: Jean Paul Gaultier or How to Subvert Haute Couture (2011, 52 mins, unrated)
This movie is a presentation of an amazing man with a big heart. Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the leading fashion designers in the world. He turned the fashion world inside out by making outwear the new under wear; he redefined the term "beautiful" and changed completely the laws of Haute Couture. His most famous move is putting skirts on men.

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