Event : Kanye West x Adidas Originals at Melbourne Central

10:00 AM

Fashion week officially started on Thursday and what better way to start the Fashion Festivities then to have one of the most implicated shows come live to you. Kanye really did think of everything. He knew he was creating a moment and didn't want you to miss out. There were going to be live screenings of the show at major cities around the world. We got Hoyts Cinemas at Melbourne Central. Its not everyday you wake up at 6:30am for a fashion event. If it wasn't Kanye I don't think I would of bothered. Theres live stream on your computer & then theres Yeezy stream. A cinema full of fans waiting and experiencing the whole thing together. 
The front row was just full of A listers
Alexander Wang, Rihanna, Cassie (not really a list) & beau Diddy, Jayz, Beyonce, Kim, North & fashion mogul herself Anna Wintour.

When he debuted his new song, it was a magical feeling knowing the guests at the venue and his fans from all around the world all got to hear the track featuring Vic Mensa & Sia for the first time together. 

The show itself was very powerful. Strong trumpets, serious faces & the best part....models of all ethnicity's, something you never see in the fashion industry. 
The monologue at the start really inspired me. I know some people think he's this crazy guy but if you look beyond that you can see he's just out there trying to push boundaries & make thing uncomfortable on purpose in hopes raising awareness & change.

Kanye was seen giving out pairs of the shoe to some lucky fans who came into the NY stores to buy a pair on 14th of Feb.
The shoe comes out on the 28th of Feb Internationally and no word of the clothing as of yet. 
I have my eye on this one red dress. 
If I'm game enough I might just go do a post on the mayhem it will cause in our city.

Thank you Yeezy for pushing and channelling your craft.

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