Film : The True Cost

9:30 AM

As a Bangladeshi Australian the issue of ethical fashion has been a passion of mine ever since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013. To see thousands killed by the hands of big branded companies broke my heart. My family were lucky enough to come to Australia and provide their kids with a better future. Unfortunately not all Bangladeshi's have that privilege and working in ridiculous conditions but it is the only way they can survive. I'm sure we can blame the big gun ins in BD but these multi million brands is who we should focus on. The whole point of the documentary is to show light of the situation and make us question where our clothes are coming from. The more we question the more they will think twice before making certain business decisions. 
Movie launched at Cannes film festival and did quite well and apparently will shake the fashion industry.
The document launches worldwide on the 29th. Check the website for your city's screening.

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