Shoe Game : Kendrick Lamar x Reebok

12:22 AM

So we all know that Kendrick is a conscious rapper so its no surprise his latest collaboration with Reebok was done in the same mindset. 
To pimp a butterfly is undoubtedly best hip hop album this year and the whole body of work on it has been on point. From start to finish.
During recent protest at Black Lives Matter conference police sprayed pepper spray at crowds. You know what they did? They chanted 'We gon be alright' over and over again. The same way Kendrick did in his song Alright. This is one of the reasons I love hip hop and am forever inspired by it. The music helps shape change brings out awareness in a world where media's trying to control our views.

In an effort to bring peace within the bloods and crips Kdot released these. 
Simple yet stylish. I love how they are off white and even though one shoe is blue and the other red, it still works. Was trying to find a link to them but knowing Australia we won't get them till later.
Hype DC told me via Instagram they would be stocking these. Nothing on the website yet but once I find something will put up the link ASAP.
Until then go listen to the album if you already haven't done so.

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