2017 - Happy New Year

1:45 AM

Its well mid way into the year and it felt weird not to log in and blog about the past year and what I wished this year to be.

2016 had the blog on a little hiatus as I stepped into the 'real world' and got my self a 'real job'. I am bit of a workaholic and carry on a few projects on at the same time so when it came to let something go as I started full time work, it was the blog aspect of Everyday Like This (was still on insta of course). 

Let me tell you as a creative, working 8 hour days and routines is defiantly not my thing. I am so used to sleepless nights, 3am brainstorms, planning out the next show/shoot/post and the chaos that came with balancing everything with my day jobs. 
I think what killed me the most was that I would be so tired from work that I wouldn't even have energy to do anything extra/ creative which I saw over the months affected my overall happiness. Needless to say I am back. Its 1:37am and I have work at 8am haha. Lets hope I make it !

I know in 2016 I set out to explore and talk about diversity more. Its funny I think all the posts I did on racism and diversity over the year actually gave me the strength to call out an incident over the N word used in a derogatory way last week. I surprised myself. I am usually the quiet type who keeps to themselves and I hate confrontation. For me this was huge. I was really proud to see how much self growth had happened and when I reflected back I knew having an outlet on the blog defiantly helped me get to where I am at. By speaking out I saw positive change and if I had never said anything I don't know would of happened. 

2017 started with a Bang !!! my Swinburne TVC being on Australian TV and it was all thanks to this little baby right here. Who would of thought 7 years ago starting this blog that my mug would be showcased between Nadal and Monfils match at the Australian Open on Channel 7. Is this real life? I have no idea how we got here but I am forever grateful.

This is the first year I haven't set any goals. I am trying not to over work myself but I am sure I'll add some in here soon. 

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